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Friday, October 21



The contents of this Blog have moved to WordPress. My life can now be followed at http://codyau.wordpress.com

Please amend your linklists, blogrolls, bookmarks, jots, notes, and any other reference to this site.

I'll see you at the fire.

Oceans of Bewilderment

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My current horoscope:
"Certainty is soothing. Doubt is disturbing. That's why most of us prefer delusion to confusion. We would rather cling to an opinion, no matter how ill-founded, than cast ourselves adrift on the ocean of bewilderment. If, though, you can now find the courage to concede that there is something you don't know, you can begin to make a priceless discovery. You won't find out the truth until you stop believing in a convenient assumption. The reality may not be quite so handy in the short-term, but, in the long run, it is of far more use to you."

Oh, and I wanna be an Observer.

Tuesday, October 18


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So the cynical feelings of uselessness that were aplenty last night have evaporated now into tired, sore feelings of despondency which are only fleetingly paused as I transcribe an interview that DD conducted with KO for both his journalism class, and our Issues project. I have transcription.

Earlier today, the Returning Officer for the Swinburne Council and Academic Board Elections, released the nomination lists for both electoral processes. I was much surprised to see that I have been elected unopposed to the Academic Board for 2006 in the category of 'Undergraduate Student from Any Campus', given that I had expected that to be the one that was hotly contested. It reminds me though, that I have thought many times about the amount of positive work I have been able to do via APPC and the Board, as opposed to Council.

On seeking medical advice, I have withdrawn my nomination in the election of Higher Education Student Member of Swinburne Council for 2006. Given that VK was elected unopposed to the TAFE Student Member position, it is highly unlikely that things would have been terribly productive any way. It would be well interesting if Mr Andrew Hind gets elected, since he's a relative new comer. I may have seen him at the Sustainability Covenant launch, but since I wasn't wearing my glasses at the time, I couldn't read any name tags. LOL

Things are chundling along (yes, that's a new word I just made up - it's like trundling, but more involving of vomit) with the Bookshop Board and it's relationship with the Student Union. Similarly, Swinburne Uni Sports and Recreation is having a great time. In researching a paper I'm writing, I've had cause to delve more into the documents of these related entities, and there are some surprises in there that would cause friction if they came to light, I'm sure. In doing that, I took the opportunity to go over old SSU minutes (which aren't available on the website, despite the amount of crap that Caspar chose to throw at me last year, leading to more than one minor seizure). It's amazing the number of things this year's student reps have chosen to outright ignore. Bah.

Enough of student union shite!