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Sunday, September 11

September 11

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Although my United States patriotism extends only as far as reading accounts of soldier-families (losses, and non-losses), and reading my way through the United States Code, I couldn't help but feel that today should be marked in some way. Today, of course is the fourth anniversary of the 11 September 2001 bombing of the World Trade Centre in Manhattan, NY, USA.

If you Google.Earth your way over there, you'll see the site that once contained the centrepiece of the capitalist world's interest/arsenal/religion.

Anyway, having just watched a doco on conspiracy theories surrounding nine-eleven (has anyone else picked up that 911 is not only the US date of these events, but also the US emergency number? I'm surprised to have not heard anything about that conjunction), and having heard the rumours about Melbourne being a potential target during either the forthcoming Grand Prix, or the Commonwealth Games, it's not hard to get into the line of thinking that will inevitably take me to a place of wondering if it's all worth studying for.

What's the point, if we're all going to die tomorrow?