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Friday, September 9

The moon and you...

[ mood = groggy music = Prodigy v Britney - Smack Me Baby, One More Time ]

Okay, at five days out from my twenty-seventh birthday, it's time to start Blogging again. I have neglected this space for far too long.

In cleaning my old room at my parents' place, I happened across my old (handwritten) journals, and I had thought to type some entries and add them here. So you may find additional entries appearing in the chronological past. Something to do, I guess.

I'm also working on my own webspace, which this blog may eventually be built into. At last I'll have a place to upload my phone cam journal to (nomenclature pending).

Going through my mind:
- Donna, emailling Josh updates from Gaza;
- Sarah tapping away at her Blackberry;
- a changed situation on the personal front, and the implications;
- the upcoming Canberra trip;
- protection of the Bookshop Board.

I think too much.