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Friday, July 15

I am noncategorical

[ mood = peppy music = Snubrocket - Freezing ]


Thursday, July 7

I'm tired and drifting and lazy and undercoddled

[ mood = isolated/moody music = Darkmateria - Frame of Mind ]

I've not been all that regular in my updates of late - but several key things have happened in the past week. I am trying to gather the motivation to write entries for the missing bits, and these will appear shortly.

In the mean time, here's what's happening in my life at the moment - the good, and the bad.

- I have a new nephew - Ryan;
- I now have loads of episodes of TGAAG;
- I'm alive and healthy.

- Yuck email from the student union (ungrateful saps);
- An email argument got out of control (well, almost);
- I miss ga;
- AE is quite ill and might have pneumonia;
- I'm running out of money;
- I can't afford the new tyres that my car needs;
- I have to move at the end of the month;
- I'm due for a medical check up;
- I'm due for a dental inspection;
- I bought the wrong type of Nair hair removal wax, and now have a rash;
- I ain't been sleeping well lately;
- eBay.

- Ryan's birth and the photos;
- Cathie and Xander;
- Senate Inquiry public hearings;
- evil eBay;
- briefing for Extraordinary Swinburne Council meeting;
- Worst Case Scenario;
- Steamboat dinner at S & L's;
- savagechickens.com;
- songstowearpantsto.com;
- evil evil eBay;
- Getting stuck with okcupid.com 'tests';
- TM's farewell dinner at Monroe's;