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Sunday, June 5

Xerxes/Chaldan has a wash...

[ mood = tired music = Celine Dion - If You Asked Me To ]

Spent Saturday night and Sunday morning at me olds', trying to fix the computer (Chaldan). It's taken some serious pummelling from spyware and crap over the past week or so. For ages, it was complaining that it needed to reinstall some Win2K files, so I eventually got around to doing that, as well as reinstalling the network protocols, two weekends ago. But within a few days, Mum's novice use had caused more spyware. Granted, the system had no firewall or other rogue installer protection...

So I went out on a mid-week trip to fix it and it seemed to be working fine. In fact, it was a lot faster that it has been for some time now. But apparently, it's slowed right down to a grinding halt a couple of days after that, and when I had a squizz this weekend, it was pretty much dead.

So yeah, spent all morning trying to fix it, but I reckon I'll have to reinstall WinME (I know, I know) next time I'm out there.

The back story goes like this:
I brought the computer formerly known as Xerxes in to Swinburne mid-2004 so SJD could have a look at it, clean it out completely, and install Win2K over an old WinME install. That took about two weeks, while I backed up the (small) HDD, and we got it ship shape. It's been at me olds ever since, sitting on their nice, fast, cable connection. Now, me olds only use the darn thing to check their web-based email, and the occassional Word document - not all that taxing stuff. But when you've got parents who like to click OK more than they should.... not good.

Anyway, so I've just got in from lunch at me brother's place in Balwyn - it's a nice "we're establishing a family home" house, where we seem to be going for lunch about once a fortnight. Mum doesn't like going - she says it's too far to go that often but of course, she goes. Not that I'm going to think about it too much, but I wish they'd visit me some time. I hate to bring it up again, but I was at the Student Union at Swinburne for three years, and my family never visited me there once (except Roger, but that was on the way to the airport).