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Sunday, June 5

What a girl.... um yeah, that's right.

[ mood = stroppy music = Big Brother - Diary Room Mix ]

I told myself that I would try ever so hard to not get sucked into the whole Big Brother thing this year, and I realised that I'd failed as I watched this week's eviction episode. Feeling that all three potential evictees had grown on my so much to make me think that I'd feel sad regardless of who left, I kicked myself. Grrrrrr.

But can I just say that Rachael gives me the sh!ts big time - what a skanky loser! I'm usually not one to judge someone whom I've never met nor know much about at all, but fancy bawling ur eyes out for the evictee when you've only been in the house a few days! Show some decorum and sensitivity (I mean, for the other housemates, who've been in there much longer).

--end rant--

Since this season of Big Brother started, a few mates have msged me to say I should audition for the next season. Ha! I seriously doubt I'd get anywhere near the House, but maybe it would be fun.... I dunno. Could I handle being laid out so open on national TV? Bah!