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Wednesday, June 15

Recluse, with the black nails

[ mood = hungry music = Nelly Furtado - Sh*t on the Radio ]

Spent today not doing much of anything, really. Got up late, watched a few more episodes of Will & Grace (which SJ kindly gave me on DVD). I'm sitting here now in weekend kit, updating this blog, and wondering how I might go about inventing a contraption that will wash, dry and put away my socks and jocks without me having to life a finger.

Apart from a brief walk to the mailbox, I've not been outside, and I don't recall having lunch.

I've a feeling this is the home version of the rut I'm in. Yesterday, the rut took me on a bit of a road trip out to Chapel Street for some window shopping, then on to Carlisle Street for a visit to my favourite coffee shop - Carlisle Coffee. Feeling the urge to buy *something* I came home with a new tea bag squeezer thing, and some 85% chocolate. Chocolate is really only worth consuming as a mood enhancer if it contains more than 70% cocoa solids. But it's an acquired taste really.

My nails are black, courtesy of new nail polish. I've no idea what came over me, but I felt the need to go digitally goth. Now I feel self conscious - perhaps that's part of why I haven't left the flat.

AE came over last night, to show me his new Ford Focus CL - what a spiffy car. Not at all as faggy as I had imagined, and quite similar in design to Reuben. It was good to see him again, and I feel somewhat comfortable with where we are at.