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Monday, June 13

A pole dancing barista?

[ mood = all chocolated up music = the sugar rush in my head ]

Took the opportunity today to catch up with JB, since she is now working in the city at MacMillan. Loads of thanks to ya babe - I can almost still taste the chocolate...).

We went to Max Brenner, which is a new-ish chocolate cafe in the Queen Victoria complex in the city. Wow - what an experience! I can't believe how many times I've walked past there without stopping in. You can smell the rich chocolate from all around the area!

So after our chocolate flight of fancy, we went for a bit of a walk (gotta walk off those calories somehow) down through Myer, looking at clothes and fragrances. I *think* Farenheit and cK One are on my shopping list - is that right, boy? I took a moment to check out Gucci Rush, Armani Black Code, and Minotaure.

Not finding anything to our fancy (read, '...that we could afford'), we continued on to search for black casual wear for JB. A short while later, we found ourselves in Esprit at Melbourne Central where I scored my very own 15% loyalty card... funny story...

JB bought a rather fetching pair of black trousers and a nicely styled black skirt, and the shop assistant thought it prudent to let me know that I could use JB's receipt to get my own loyalty card. "That's the good thing about your girlfriend spending money." What a cack! So we went with the 'straight couple' flow for a while, just like old times.

After leaving JB at Flinders St Station, I thought I'd cross the river to Crown to check on those fragrances at Perfume Connection, but alas - they were all sold out. A quick check of their other stores revealed no luck.

So my Queen's Birthday weekend was not as mundane as I had expected.