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Friday, June 10

A little salmon in the Garage

[ mood = cheery music = Madonna - Holiday ]

Caught up with SJ and EC tonight, for a spot of dinner. It was actually a good chance to hang out; one that I got excited about since I seem to be not mingling with real people much these days. So this evening, I drove over to their flat and after picking SJ up from campus, we drove on out to Brunswick Street. With Hide Out closed, we settled on Joe's Garage (which I recall is - or was - Rove's favourite hang out) where we bumped into MC!

'Twas such a nice surprise and I think she was as stunned as we were. So we did the one minute catch up thing, which was good, before settling in for a simple meal - mine being the smoked salmon salad. I'm beginning to really miss the work we did with the Student Union, back when it was relevant. Mostly I miss the people who work/ed there. (I really must catch up with some of the staff soon too - it's been hard not seeing them for so long, and I've got the whole 'outta sight, outta mind' thing happening).