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Monday, June 27

I'm going to be an Uncle (again, kinda)

[ mood = happy music = Groove Armada - At The River ]

Spent last Thursday afternoon with Xander and Cathie, and as soon as I work out what is wrong with the bluetooth connection between my phone and my laptop, I'll upload a couple of pics. He is growing sooo quickly. At 27 months, he's a handful already, but in a nice way. I am quite honestly in awe of Cathie - I don't know how she does it 24/7. I feel like I've not been a terribly great godfather to Xander, but now that I have more time on my hands, I'm committed to visit every fortnight. Looking forward to trips to the park, the zoo, the beach - and all the fun that comes with.

I also spent Thursday ignoring my problems, which was good for a change. I think too much. But sometimes I have a lot of stuff to think *about*, so that's okay.

Friday afternoon saw me traipsing out to my parents place a day earlier than usual, as Mum said she'd like me there to do my tax return. Apparently she forgot this request, as she was quite surprised to see me on Friday afternoon. So much for the warm and fuzzies from my parents lifting me outta the dumps of late last week (not that I was expecting anything of the sort to happen).

Saturday saw us in Balwyn at S&L's place for L's mother's birthday. For once I didn't drive, so I took the opportunity to drink a little... okay, a lot (for me). Seven glasses of red wine (including a rather divine 2002 Durif) and some scotch saw me floating around taking pictures of this and that, and with Stop Sign Face. But much fun was had by all (including the old lady who almost tried to set me up with her daughter, who thankfully (for both of us) wasn't there).

And after a Sunday setting up my parents internet connection via Dad's laptop, and condemning the main computer to an OS reinstall, here I am on Monday afternoon, having just woken up. I got to bed just as AE was starting work at 0600 today - that was many many hours spent downloading Sarah Michelle Gellar video clips, and Angel episode trailers. The day is maturing fast, and although Monday 27 June 2005 will never come around again, I've already accomplished stuff. Well, stuff has happened anyway. I labelled the CDs of a talk that Wil Wheaton gave at Gnomdex 2004 that I burnt for AE (along with some funky Star Trek audio clip inspired tracks). And I helped RB print an email-attached report, and save to disk.

And S called - they are going into hospital today, to induce! (The baby is not due until the 5th). So yeah, I'm going to be a blood Uncle! I'm excited, and scared (for the baby), and thoughtful, and .... well, hungry.