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Monday, June 6

I am a token committee member

[ mood = treading music = Linking Park - Nobody's Listening ]

Last week was busy with Swinburne Council committee meetings - Finance met last Monday, Staffing met last Tuesday, and Academic Board met las Wednesday. Today, it's the Campus Planning and Building Committee's turn. And I'm the token student member. At least, that's how it feels.

While I'm enjoying my committee responsibilities, I often feel like I'm just there as a token member, not having the technical expertise that other members do. Ahh well, I in put where I can, and try to not feel like a dumbass for asking stoopid questions when they come up. It's sad that one of the highlights of committee work is getting to park in the Chancellery car parking spaces under the BA Building.

In other news, I'm trying to put together my personal finances and budget. I have no income at the moment - not a cent. Yet, my expenditure trundles on regardless. This means I have no real way of 'saving' for another tattoo, or for that pierced nipple. ;) I *have* however, found a claddagh ring - good old Ishka out at Chadstone Shopping Centre.