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Tuesday, June 28

Hail the new Chancellor.....!

[ mood = cold music = Darkmateria - The Picard Song ]

Well, Swinburne has a new Chancellor; a successor to Doug Mitchell... well, almost.

An extraordinary meeting of Swinburne Council has been called to expressly consider the appointment of the successful candidate of the Search Sub Committee's deliberations. So, in about ten days time, Swinburne will once again have a Chancellor. I just hope the next one is as friendly and approachable as I remember Doug Mitchell being.

In past year's the Student Members of Council have had ex officio membership of the Search Committee; however, that apparently changed when the committee structure did. That is to say, when the Search Committee became a sub committee of the Governance and Membership Committee, the Student Members lost their place (as there is no place for a student on the Governance and Membership Committee).