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Sunday, June 12

Chaldan is almost better off dead

[ mood = treading water in the sea of academic life music = Pete Murray - Freedom ]

Spent most of today fixing my parents' computer, Chaldan. It's the system I bought back in 1997 for website work. Back then, websites were simplistic, and user-based authoring was pretty hardy. Not anymore - everything has changed, leading me to believe I'm no longer really in the right industry. I mean, my recreational interest for web maintenance is still there, but I don't really see myself spending hours developing mid to high end animations, generating sophisticated PHP, or trying to come up with the right combination of colors for a particular client. I have loads of generic skills that hopefully place me well in terms of employability...

Anyway, back to Chaldan. He's limping. It ain't pretty. Mum and Dad (but mostly Mum) use the computer to check their web-based email, and occassionally to write reports - though with Mum retired now, that's decreasing in its incidence now. There should be no real reason for the phenomenal slow down, if you discount the OS upgrade that I had SJ do last year.

Apart from that, I had a fleeting chat with Mum about where I'm at. I'm still considering the whole apartment thing, since I really have to move from where I am now by the end of July. I think at the moment, it hinges on my Semester One result for Professional Communication. I hope I don't come up for Progress Review, though even if I do - it'd be my first actual interview on the student side of the desk. My hopes for who the Student Union would send as a panel member aren't too high, but at least I'll have reasonable cause to request someone else.

So I shall have to have a long hard think about WTF I'm doing in my course at the moment, and whether it's really taking me where I want to go. With the Higher Education Divisional Restructure of 2004 came more variety in what the new Faculty of Life and Social Sciences can offer, as opposed to the old School of Bioengineering and Electrical Engineering. It may yet be possible to transfer internally to something more Communications based.