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Wednesday, June 1

Back online, but still a junkie

[ mood = hungry music = Daryl Braithwaite - Don't Hold Back Your Love ]

Before you say a word, know this - my computer has been out of action over the past fortnight or so, which has meant I've been without regular internet access. I'm sure I've mentioned this or at least, I've meant to mention it.

So, having spent the better part of today indoors, bluetoothing phone cam pics to my laptop for upload to Photo Bucket, for referencing on this Blog's sister blog, I've decided that I really need to go for a walk. This made me stop and think for a moment about what's really kept me at my computer all day, forgoing DVDs, food, drink, sunshine, and comfortable backache-less back.

Quite simply, I'm waiting. And I mean that in the literal as well as the figurative sense. On the practical side, I'm waiting for AE to finish his car errands. Concurrently, I'm waiting for some kind of paid employment to come my way; for a DVD I ordered about the Melbourne Uni Student Union saga; for an idea for a nice dinner to come to me; and perhaps for the end to my financial woes. On the more ethereal side, I'm waiting for inspiration and motivation to kick me in the ass and make me keep this blog up to date; for peaceful thoughts to allow me to sleep; and I guess for my faith to reestablish itself in my soul.

But having just had a spontaneous sms chat with a mate from Swinburne whom I've not seen since.... well since bowling, I think... my "input-junkie" nature is reasserting itself. I need input, and I'm a much more interesting person to be around when I have that. Sitting in my flat all day, just about every day, is not good. I need to get out there and have that crack at just Being.