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Thursday, June 2

And so the search continues....

[ mood = fickle music = Westlife - Flying Without Wings ]

So I went on over to Slinky (which oddly enough only has one relevant reference on Google) this afternoon to catch up with PB for a cawfee - it was brief but good to catch up in person for once. While I was in the area, I thought I'd try to find that shop that I saw last week while browsing the Smith St, Gertrude St, Brunswick St district - the one with the good claddagh rings. But alas, my dodgy memory once again failed to grant peace to my desirous mind.

And so the search continues for a good claddagh ring. I've seen many different designs, but all I want is a simple, demure, unadorned version. Just like the one Anthony gave me all those years ago; the one that's buried with him. *sigh*

(For those not in the know, a claddagh ring is a piece of traditional Irish jewellery, featuring two hands clasping a heart, wearing a crown. Named after the Irish town from whence it came, the hands symbolise friendship; the heart symbolises love; and the crown symbolises loyalty.)

Yes, the ring that Angel gave Buffy is a claddagh ring. Methinks it was the watching of that episode arc that rekindled my want of one again. I hadn't thought about it since A.