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Tuesday, May 10

Star Wars Episode I : The Phantom DVD

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I am wrapped - EC got me a ticket into the Directors Lounge to see Star Wars Episode III on it's Australian premiere date! A thousand thousand sardines to EC! And we were planning on having a bit of an Episode I and II double feature ahead of going to see III but we have hit a wall - none of us have a copy! I spent all afternoon checking video stores (of both the hire and purchase variety) with no luck. My paranoid side reckons every outlet has been instructed to remove all things Ep I and II related from shelves, except those visual dictionary books.

In the Chapel Street / Toorak Road area, I tried:
- Video Ezy;
- Blockbuster;
- Virgin Megastore;
- His Master's Voice (HMV);
- Dixons Recycled Discs;
- that arty mega store wot stocks obscure titles;
- Safeway, Toorak;
- Safeway, South Yarra; and
- Coles.

No luck anywhere! Grrrrrrrr.

So now the APB has gone out for a copy of the elusive Episode I (I have Episode II - it's sitting next to my computer now, taunting me).

And just to show how short an attention span I have, whilst waiting in the express lane line to pay for my tomato paste and 3.3L of apple juice, I was mildly surprised to see I had a Voicemail message. I mean, my phone had been in my hand for the entire 5 minute shopping expedition, and it hadn't rung nor vibrated in that time.

So I quickly handed over my hard earned (ha!) $4.85, and dialled the now familiar 101. It's a very odd feeling - walking up the street, ear to phone, listening to an oddly understandable message your fingers have somehow contrived to leave you while your attention was on finding the tomato paste with the lowest sugar content... yep, a five minute message the likes of which I haven't heard for at least a few weeks, since the last time my own arse decided to call me.

Ho hum - had to share.