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Monday, April 18

I'm fine, really I am - stop asking... no wait, I like the attention.

[ mood = treading water / grinning music = Linkin Park - Nobody's Listening ]

So it's really beginning to shit me that Caleb has packed it in - it means I have no internet access from home. And since I'm no longer connected to the Student Union (things got very yucky, with rumours of police investigations, and continual hounding - no death threats this time though), my only access to a working computer is either in a lab at Uni, or the library.

So, an update in summary point form (with a half hearted attempt at chronological order):

  • cleared illegally occupied lockers on campus, but didn't find anything too interesting (that bag of porn is *still* in the office, as no one wants to deal with it);
  • had the long talk with my boy, and hope to make a decent go of things (it's funny, even though it ain't been that long in person, A has made it into my inner circle and I honestly would put him in the 'EX' box if we were to stop now) (hmmm, that looks trite when I put it in words - grrr);
  • made a stoopid mistake by entering an office I wasn't supposed to, in an effort to be nice and make sure everything was okay;
    - was subsequently accused of potentially being a rapist;
  • have been continually dogged by rumours of just what the student representatives on the Union Council are saying and doing about me, without actually telling me anything;
  • my back aches from all the knives;
  • finally made the decision that some people whom I *thought* were friends are actually just in it to protect themselves;

  • I've cut all formal ties with the Student Union;
  • trying to work out how to maintain friendships, and evaluating whether the fight for the Student Union staff is worth my effort;
  • caught up with Susie (WA) and Aparna (ACT) at NUS National Executive meeting, which approved the Audited Financial Statements (must remember to dog the Gen Sec for a copy...);
  • got my new MP3 player from eBay (evil site), but can't update the tracks much as Caleb is very ill;
  • had a long think about why my computer is named Caleb, and can't for the life of me remember why;
  • wasn't going to go on last week's pub crawl, but got talked into it by a good mate (hi Nik);
  • got photos back from pub crawl, with some shockers (hi Marni);
  • visited Xander (my godson) and Cathie, and was racked with intense doting feelings of fatherhood for ages afterwards;
  • went to Shaft, where A got an O-ring;
  • he said he loves me;
  • I said 'ditto' without saying 'ditto';
  • thought about watching Ghost again;
  • got sidetracked by Jumping Jack Flash;
  • decided to cut my losses and bail;
  • felt guilty and crappy afterwards, for effectively throwing money away;
  • got uplifted by self-help books at Borders, entitled "Who Says You Can't" and the like;
  • drove out to Sunshine to visit my boy, and loan him a book ('Losing Matt Shepard' - a highly recommended read) for his interstate trip;
  • he said he loves me, again;
  • now killing six hours before Swinburne Council Meeting 3/2005, to be followed by a yummy two course dinner (as usual).

    PS : a note for TM - the site is http://www.mp3shits.com.