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Tuesday, March 22

Yet another HECS hike!

So I got my Finance Committee papers today - for the meeting scheduled for this Thursday - and included is a lovely document recommending that the HECS top up fees for 2006 be bumped up to the full 25% allowable under Federal Legislation.

That's it - no caveats.

I remember when the whole HECS fee hike went through Finance Committee last year, and all the hoopla and compromises (and promises) that were made at the time.

My beef is that I'm just getting the papers now - a couple of days before the meeting! Here's me with no formal financial training (experience has come from the student union, and mde). Well, at least I have enough knowledge to understand the gist of what's going on.

Anyway, rather than potentially compromise any confidentiality, I'll stop with my bitching about the content of the Finance Committee papers, and speak generally.

I wonder what the Student Union will do about this hike, and whether I need security ahead of the meeting... nothing beats nasty death threats on the car. Hmmm, i should start rotating my car parking spots again...