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Thursday, March 24

What a bugger of a day!

Well today has certainly been interesting!

Started with a group meeting for my Professional Communications class, as we've a research project proposal document due next Friday. Should be a cinch, as there are pretty low requirements (1500 words, and it's a 'research proposal' for goodness sake!). Besides which, one of my other group mates has done most of the work, so all that's left is to flesh it out a bit.

Then came the Bookshop Cooperative AGM for 2005, which was pretty run of the mill as far as AGMs go. I ran for election onto the Board, but was unsuccessful :(

Worked at the Front Desk for lunch relief today, which was ho hum. But I managed to arrange Rachel's going away dinner thing - we're all going to the Blue Train Cafe which, despite the rumours, has not closed down! I remember the last time I was there was after seeing the Blair Witch Project (yep, I went to see it at the cinema!), and analysing the crap out of it like all good cinema studies students.

This afternoon was fun, with the University's Finance Committee approving another HECS increase to the full 25% allowable under Federal Legislation that came into play last year. The reseach conducted nationally suggests that there has been no negative economic impact on students, and that the last round of increases has not affected student intake. I voted against the increase on the basis that the actions that the Vice Chancellor undertook to perform after the last increase did not occur in this process.

Adrian from the Student Union was invited to present a statement to the Committee, which I thought was well written, ignoring some odd choice of words. And I managed to get the Vice Chancellor to agree to the caveats that were appended to the last increase, little though they are.

So now I'm home, naked, chatting with a cute guy I know. Well okay, so only two of those are true.... I'm hungry.