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Wednesday, March 23


So I'm gonna use the Easter break to get off me sorry ass and update this blog.

Much has happened since my WorkCover incident (unpiercing the piercing).

I guess I've been glowing, since people at work keep telling me so. And apparently I keep smiling for no apparent reason. It's been odd - having just come through two years of having not a lot to smile about, to where I am now...

Oh, and the drive out to Sunshine is not as bad as people keep saying. Don't forget that every other weekend brings a delightful drive out to the sunny City of Monash to visit the olds.

Anyway, I've decided that my next piercing adventure will be guided by my wallet - I'm a bit skint these days with no ongoing job, and expensive tastes. The tattoo expedition has been put off to mid year, since it's a group thing, and we all need to get our calendars synchronised.