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Wednesday, March 9

Strike.... one?!

What a wonderful night last night was - the Orientation Host Thank You event. This year, much thanks was received and enjoyed at Strike Bowling on Chapel Street. Two games, shoe hire, and two free drinks, courtesy of Swinburne Student Union!

I remember drinking lots of vodka, shooters, and some other drinks that some other people bought me (thanks!) The actual bowling was fun, but the hanging out with the Swinny kiddies was even funner. The only down side was the the appearance of those 2005 student rep tshirts - coulda done without those.

But last night also marked another occassion - my first official overnight guests at the Flat in Toorak. After a long night of drinking and bowling, and shootering, and drinking, the four of us stumbled back up the hill to Collins Court, and the delightful comfort of my loungeroom floor. It was great to have Katie and some of me new peeps over - and no one chucked on the front steps!

I musta had a fair bit to drink as the only things I can remember clearly are not repeatable in good company (Kate... Ben... LOL). That and waking up hugging something other than my pillow...

Anyway, I got my photos back from the developers quick smart, and found that most of them feature Mr Green Tshirt. I'll have them digitised and post some in my Space.