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Sunday, March 27

and right back down again...

[mood = lonely music = Cyndi Lauper - I Drove All Night]

So G and I ended up missing Easter Eucharist, but with good reasons! 1. G's train left town at 11; 2. we couldn't decide which church to go to; and 3. we both were kinda knackered from Charlie's party last night. heh heh

So after dropping G off at the train station, I drove on out to visit Dad in the good old City of Monash. On the way, who should call but good old Dad. Apparently big brother S and his wife have now moved into their new home out in Balwyn, and we were to meet there for lunch. I must say, the new place is great - lots of light and space. It's huge! The previous owners were an old couple who took great care of everything during the past ten years, so it's all top notch.

After a lovely yum cha lunch in Box Hill, I came back to Toorak, where I am now... alone... with my thoughts... and my headache. Honestly, my head hasn't hurt this bad since the all night drinking games in the hotels in California! Ouch! I still remember the Mexican bender, and lying paralytic while the guy in the next bed got it on with some chick he'd picked up from the same tour group. Nice one. At least I still had control over my eyelids!

Anyway, I'm off to wallow in my packet pasta, and bad red wine now before collapsin in bed.

Tomorrow may bring that nipple piercing - one can only hope.
And today's question : Is it wrong to fall in love with someone when you don't even know their last name?