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Friday, March 25

adrift on a cold lake

Good Friday... good for what? Or for whom?

Today has been empty - from bad breakfast (deflated vienna coffee, and italian breakfast with bits missing and overly cooked bacon), to looking for mp3 tracks from Alias episodes, like "Pushing Me Away (Linkin Park)" to pass the time while I wait for the phone to ring.

I feel lost and cold right now; wanting to go for a drive, but having no destination. Seems to be a recurring theme in my life - I cast myself adrift and am left to float aimlessly from one tragedy to the next. Sure, there are moments of dry land but by the by, I'm surrounded by the empty vastness of the nothing.

I don't know what to do; or rather, I know what some of my options are, but my soul cries for the special something to rub my shoulders and bring warmth to my misery, taking the choice away from my faulty hand.