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Monday, March 28

boys suck

[ entry deleted ]

Sunday, March 27


[ entry deleted ]

park music in the park

[mood = sleepy/cold music = Linkin Park - Pushing Me Away]

Yes yes yes, I know I should be in bed. But I found a great mp3 site here in my search for R Kelly's Ignition, which G was looking for. While I was there, I managed to acquire a load of Linkin Park tracks, which I'm now listening to, while I wait for a certain someone's computer to reboot, so he can join me in chat land...... waiting, waiting.......

and right back down again...

[mood = lonely music = Cyndi Lauper - I Drove All Night]

So G and I ended up missing Easter Eucharist, but with good reasons! 1. G's train left town at 11; 2. we couldn't decide which church to go to; and 3. we both were kinda knackered from Charlie's party last night. heh heh

So after dropping G off at the train station, I drove on out to visit Dad in the good old City of Monash. On the way, who should call but good old Dad. Apparently big brother S and his wife have now moved into their new home out in Balwyn, and we were to meet there for lunch. I must say, the new place is great - lots of light and space. It's huge! The previous owners were an old couple who took great care of everything during the past ten years, so it's all top notch.

After a lovely yum cha lunch in Box Hill, I came back to Toorak, where I am now... alone... with my thoughts... and my headache. Honestly, my head hasn't hurt this bad since the all night drinking games in the hotels in California! Ouch! I still remember the Mexican bender, and lying paralytic while the guy in the next bed got it on with some chick he'd picked up from the same tour group. Nice one. At least I still had control over my eyelids!

Anyway, I'm off to wallow in my packet pasta, and bad red wine now before collapsin in bed.

Tomorrow may bring that nipple piercing - one can only hope.
And today's question : Is it wrong to fall in love with someone when you don't even know their last name?

wa hey! a birthday party!

[mood = excited music = Kylie - Please Stay]

Just got in from Charlie's 40th Birthday Party, and what an exciting celebration. Our gift (a beautiful gong) went off a treat - I'm so glad the boys liked it.

It's weird how the universe chooses odd times for important conversations. Take tonight for instance - G and I had a talk about relationships, and where we were at in the grand scheme of friendshipness. From there, the conversation got on to posses and stuff, and I was saying how I don't feel like I fit in to their 'gang' sometimes, but that this was not necessarily a bad thing.

Anyway, long story short - I got a glimpse into another facet of human interaction, which forced me to question my own position.

Friday, March 25

adrift on a cold lake

Good Friday... good for what? Or for whom?

Today has been empty - from bad breakfast (deflated vienna coffee, and italian breakfast with bits missing and overly cooked bacon), to looking for mp3 tracks from Alias episodes, like "Pushing Me Away (Linkin Park)" to pass the time while I wait for the phone to ring.

I feel lost and cold right now; wanting to go for a drive, but having no destination. Seems to be a recurring theme in my life - I cast myself adrift and am left to float aimlessly from one tragedy to the next. Sure, there are moments of dry land but by the by, I'm surrounded by the empty vastness of the nothing.

I don't know what to do; or rather, I know what some of my options are, but my soul cries for the special something to rub my shoulders and bring warmth to my misery, taking the choice away from my faulty hand.

Thursday, March 24

What a bugger of a day!

Well today has certainly been interesting!

Started with a group meeting for my Professional Communications class, as we've a research project proposal document due next Friday. Should be a cinch, as there are pretty low requirements (1500 words, and it's a 'research proposal' for goodness sake!). Besides which, one of my other group mates has done most of the work, so all that's left is to flesh it out a bit.

Then came the Bookshop Cooperative AGM for 2005, which was pretty run of the mill as far as AGMs go. I ran for election onto the Board, but was unsuccessful :(

Worked at the Front Desk for lunch relief today, which was ho hum. But I managed to arrange Rachel's going away dinner thing - we're all going to the Blue Train Cafe which, despite the rumours, has not closed down! I remember the last time I was there was after seeing the Blair Witch Project (yep, I went to see it at the cinema!), and analysing the crap out of it like all good cinema studies students.

This afternoon was fun, with the University's Finance Committee approving another HECS increase to the full 25% allowable under Federal Legislation that came into play last year. The reseach conducted nationally suggests that there has been no negative economic impact on students, and that the last round of increases has not affected student intake. I voted against the increase on the basis that the actions that the Vice Chancellor undertook to perform after the last increase did not occur in this process.

Adrian from the Student Union was invited to present a statement to the Committee, which I thought was well written, ignoring some odd choice of words. And I managed to get the Vice Chancellor to agree to the caveats that were appended to the last increase, little though they are.

So now I'm home, naked, chatting with a cute guy I know. Well okay, so only two of those are true.... I'm hungry.

Wednesday, March 23

Guestbook ideas, anyone?

Okay, I am officially looking for good guestbook services - anyone have any suggestions?

At the moment, I'm looking at GuestBookCentral.com, which seems half decent. I'd like to find one that can integrate current moods and lists, etc, similar to the LiveJournal system.

Hmmm, maybe I should drag out me old online journalling manual.


So I'm gonna use the Easter break to get off me sorry ass and update this blog.

Much has happened since my WorkCover incident (unpiercing the piercing).

I guess I've been glowing, since people at work keep telling me so. And apparently I keep smiling for no apparent reason. It's been odd - having just come through two years of having not a lot to smile about, to where I am now...

Oh, and the drive out to Sunshine is not as bad as people keep saying. Don't forget that every other weekend brings a delightful drive out to the sunny City of Monash to visit the olds.

Anyway, I've decided that my next piercing adventure will be guided by my wallet - I'm a bit skint these days with no ongoing job, and expensive tastes. The tattoo expedition has been put off to mid year, since it's a group thing, and we all need to get our calendars synchronised.

Tuesday, March 22

Yet another HECS hike!

So I got my Finance Committee papers today - for the meeting scheduled for this Thursday - and included is a lovely document recommending that the HECS top up fees for 2006 be bumped up to the full 25% allowable under Federal Legislation.

That's it - no caveats.

I remember when the whole HECS fee hike went through Finance Committee last year, and all the hoopla and compromises (and promises) that were made at the time.

My beef is that I'm just getting the papers now - a couple of days before the meeting! Here's me with no formal financial training (experience has come from the student union, and mde). Well, at least I have enough knowledge to understand the gist of what's going on.

Anyway, rather than potentially compromise any confidentiality, I'll stop with my bitching about the content of the Finance Committee papers, and speak generally.

I wonder what the Student Union will do about this hike, and whether I need security ahead of the meeting... nothing beats nasty death threats on the car. Hmmm, i should start rotating my car parking spots again...

Saturday, March 12

Bar or ring?

Okay, so I'm facing a decision now. Since my brow piercing has come and gone, it's time to decide on what to pierce next.

Should I get my brow redone? Or should I go with a nice new nipple piercing?

Inspired by Ben, I'm leaning towards the latter.

I've always thought my nipples are too small for any kind of added schrapnel, but in talking to people around the traps, I'm encouraged that it may just work. Of course, I've no one to show, but that's not the point. The point is that something is pierced; something out of sight; something intimate (yet not as intimate as other places - let's not go there).

So I need your input - should I do it?

Friday, March 11

blood... lots of blood

... at least, I *thought* there was.

Earlier today, I was attacked and had to be rushed to Medical. Apparently I was there for a lot longer than I thought. They say I probably won't feel the effects for a while - the migraine will come later.

It reminded me of the time Dad had to rush me to the family doctor for stitches, after I fell off the swing and gashed open me chin. There really was blood everywhere then - and I ended up getting at least five stitches.

Anyway, now I am sitting in my flat, eating soup that I made from scratch (see, this head injury ain't *that* bad... yet), and feeling guilty. Guilty cos I had to phone Jenelle and cancel my trip up to Daylesford for this year's Chillout! Festival in Daylesford. I'd promised to go, but since I can't really drive any long distances due to today's happenings, it's not going to happen.

So here I am, at the computer chatting (hey Andy) when I should be in bed, resting me head. There's so much going on right now that I feel like my fingers are way too slow to keep up with it all. (Get your mind out of the gutter - I mean to type everything).

Adrian (the 2005 SSU President) has made an overture which I have accepted, as I said I would. I heard that CK 'presented' her petitions to him today. The way she tells it, Adrian and the Vicky/Caspar machine are hell bent on pinning the whole deal on me. Me! I had nothing to do with it! But I guess the old adage that if you keep telling yourself that daylight is dark, eventually you will believe it, is true. I must be such an evil, coniving prat in their eyes.

I'm not sure that I care.

Oh well, I guess we'll see what next week brings. I doubt it will see much progress beyond what has come and been so far. Except that I may be out of a casual job at the Student Union, since it would seem that a directive has been issued threatening all casual workers. Kind of ironic, given Vicky and Caspar's position on casual work last year.

Thursday, March 10


Lying in a bed that was fuller (in the bedroom of a flat that was fuller) last night, I find that I cannot sleep, even though I am exhausted. Living alone has been great as far as coming and going is concerned, but it has also given me plenty of alone time to mull over being alone (circuitous, I know).

BUT I got about a dozen roast chicken wings for $0.65 tonight!
(Note to self: grocery shopping is best done after 2100 on Wednesdays....)

Wednesday, March 9

Strike.... one?!

What a wonderful night last night was - the Orientation Host Thank You event. This year, much thanks was received and enjoyed at Strike Bowling on Chapel Street. Two games, shoe hire, and two free drinks, courtesy of Swinburne Student Union!

I remember drinking lots of vodka, shooters, and some other drinks that some other people bought me (thanks!) The actual bowling was fun, but the hanging out with the Swinny kiddies was even funner. The only down side was the the appearance of those 2005 student rep tshirts - coulda done without those.

But last night also marked another occassion - my first official overnight guests at the Flat in Toorak. After a long night of drinking and bowling, and shootering, and drinking, the four of us stumbled back up the hill to Collins Court, and the delightful comfort of my loungeroom floor. It was great to have Katie and some of me new peeps over - and no one chucked on the front steps!

I musta had a fair bit to drink as the only things I can remember clearly are not repeatable in good company (Kate... Ben... LOL). That and waking up hugging something other than my pillow...

Anyway, I got my photos back from the developers quick smart, and found that most of them feature Mr Green Tshirt. I'll have them digitised and post some in my Space.
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